Becoming Sheroes: Stories of Heartstrong Women is collection of 15 stories of everyday women becoming heroes to the people around them. The book is reflective of the authors' evolution and growth from their experiences and challenges to become heroes of their own stories.

It encompasses a journey of transformation molding them into protagonists of their own narratives – sheroes navigating life’s complexities.

The title indicates an ongoing "becoming" as we continue to live, grow, and evolve. It is an ongoing journey rather than a final destination. Each chapter of our lives contributes to this ongoing narrative, promoting resilience and fortitude. It reflects a collective spirit that encourages readers to embrace their own journeys, recognizing the inherent strength that comes from facing life's challenges head-on.

In line with sparking amovement of empowerment, Becoming Sheroes together with the Victoria Heartstrong Organization is set to foster a community of passionate and hardworking Filipina women.

The Victoria Heartstrong Organization, a non-profit dedicated to aiding high school and college girls from underprivileged backgrounds, was established in honor of my mother and grandmother’s strong emphasis on education.  Our primary goal is to provide comprehensive support for these young women’s education, spanning financial assistance and a range of enrichment programs. 

Proceeds generated from Becoming Sheroes will directly fund these invaluable initiatives.

Embarking on this book project alongside these remarkable women and others has been a “becoming” of my own.  It’s been about conquering my inner doubts, embracing a project poised for substantial impact, and dedicating myself to a lifelong mission of empowering others. 

Amidst this, I’ve cultivated friendships with these inspiring women.  It's been a lesson that becoming a shero is a continuous journey with many stories that may not always end in success, but will always lead to discovery.

~ Monica Maralit