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Becoming Sheroes: Stories of Heartstrong Women

Becoming Sheroes: Stories of Heartstrong Women

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"Becoming Sheroes: Stories of Heartstrong Women" is a testament to Filipina women's invincible spirit, diversity, and collective power. Through 15 stories, we celebrate their resilience and inspire readers to embrace their unique strengths.

These women, from scientists to activists, entrepreneurs to artists, use their careers as platforms for empowerment and change, highlighting the transformative power of dedication and excellence. Coming from diverse corners of the Philippines, they share courage and determination that propel them through challenges.

In this book, we explore their lives, dreams, the impact of politics, and invaluable career lessons, offering a world of possibilities and inspiration.

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    "Inspiring stories of overcoming obstacles and holding the door open for those coming behind. I loved the consistent theme of rising up through challenges and persevering despite tough times."

    - Jeffrey Johnson